Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Voices: Let them be heard!

As you can tell, my main priority is to get people using their minds to think. I always love when somebody
  comes up to and explains what they imagined with great excitement powering their voice. Every time 
 somebody is energized to express the contents of their mind, I listen with great intent.
                                                     It's important that we let our voices be heard by others. "Don't be afraid to express yourself! Anyone who responds negatively has not yet done so themselves". Everything inside our heads should have a chance in this world. We as people shouldn't let fear hold us back from inspiring others. Inspiration is like dominoes. Once you inspire someone else, they inspire others, and they inspire others, and so on. It's one big amazing chain of inspiration. You have the choice to join it.
                                                     So let me propose something for you. I have expressed what I think already, so I think you deserve a chance. It's your turn. If you have any thoughts of any sort just bouncing around in your head, please let them out. Explain to me and other readers what exactly is on your mind. I'd be honored to hear all the marvelous figments of your imagination, plus the additional  thoughts generated by this blog. So, don't be shy, share your thoughts!

Lesson's of Life

I have decided to make a little booklet of advice for myself from myself. 

The world is full of many wonderful people, whom are all willing and capable to lend a hand and provide some of their wisest words to help you along your journey. I'm sure we all have met a handful of these people in our lives and will meet some more soon to come. We owe people like these our gratitude. But, sometimes, the best person for you to listen to and learn from, is indeed your own self.

  "Know thyself" is a quite popular Ancient Greek Aphorism which has multiple meanings to different people and situations. When I hear this term, I like to think it means that you need to become familiar with your own views and opinions. I think it means to understand your goals and have a clear vision of what you want. But overall, I think that "Know thyself"  means to listen and accept advice from yourself. When you listen to your own advice, you can accept who you are. To truly "Know thyself" you must trust yourself and understand who you are and who you want to become.

In my opinion, I think making a booklet of advice for future reference is a way of getting to know myself. Someday I want to look back and smile at my words. I want to say, "So that is what I wanted to tell myself after experiencing this situation".

 I will be adding a date to every lesson I write, so I can ponder upon the occasion of my advice. I feel as though, that is my way of explaining the situation. Even though I am not writing down in the booklet why I chose to give myself that advice on that day, I hope I can later assume such descriptions from the date. If not, I hope I know myself enough to realize it might have not of counted as much as the advice i'm recollecting itself.

In the future, I hope to share a few of these lessons on this blog. Maybe I can spark and idea in somebody and give them some advice unknowingly. And if you liked the idea of making a self advice booklet and want to try it out, I give you my best support. It's one way you can get to know yourself. Maybe you will majorly help yourself out sometime in the future by writing down important lessons of your life.