Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Simple Reflection...

Inspiration hasn't jumped out at me lately. It seems to have been hiding for some reason not wanting to be found. Though, I'm glad I was able to hunt it down and not be fully submerged into writers block. So here I am, reflecting on my school-year so far....and I'm quite interested in yours too!

Whether your a student reading this blog, a teacher, or even someone who is not attending school and just working, let me know how you feel you are doing so far. We've all got goals that we planned to reach. What were they? Did you reach them yet, or are you still in the progress?

The school year is more than half way over and I swear I felt like I've been competing with it in a face paced race. Time has decided to speed up this year, it seems, everything has gone by so quickly!

This school year was definitely a year for learning. I learned so much and I am so grateful of that. But I am talking like it's already summer, I still have a lot more to go! So If you haven't met those school goals yet...don't worry, you've got time. And even though time seems to be racing by, you'll meet your goals eventually if you keep up good effort.

I know this wasn't the best blog post, or the most inspiring, or creative, or carefully worded, or longest, and it was really more of a ramble. But I asked a few questions that I'd appreciate you answering and gave my opinion, and that's what makes a blog  what it is.....opinions and thoughts.

Thoughts and opinions that spark ideas. Let the spark turn into a flame and ignite your goals!