Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Things Already Said

                        People can't help themselves from quoting books and movies they've recently read or viewed. It's almost human nature to crack a joke heard before from a friend. It's also quite obvious that Joy is found easily in re-telling animated stories one had collected in their lifetime. People reassure each other everyday that their words matter by spreading them and popularizing them through time. A common trend society has adopted is that actions, words, or movements that receive positive responses seem to make more than one appearance in time.
                           This statement is probably one of the more obvious ones when dealing with this topic. Of course things that have proven once successful will be used again, it's almost instinct. Why try a new method of entertaining someone that may or may not work when one that has thrived in doing so already? It's just like the idiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Trends, as well as methods for entertaining the public, are hard to discover and/or start; therefore, if something is working to accomplish the job so far why not keep using it.
                           But the topic being explored is much more than a mere explanation of why trend can be seen repeating themselves through the ages, or a dissection of  the reasons people quote the author of their favorite book. It's more about what we can learn from this convenient repetition. Those who join the trends find success easily. Those who decide they would rather settle themselves working with their own means have chosen to deal with more of a struggle.  Writers of movies, books, and magazines know they need to appeal to the current fixation of the modern masses if they want to come anywhere near to seeing their own popularity bloom. It's sad that individuals are drown out by the screaming calls of the majority, but the reason they are ties back to the reason why people repeat things already said.
                             If people crave science-fiction and that is the genre showing the most success why is there a problem with filling that request? Can't those few that want fantasy satisfy themselves with older novels or read the installations of fantasy that our being published, even if there aren't many options? The answer? They can. That's why the majority is the easiest to appeal to. Ignoring the few with different taste isn't really hurting them and is a benefit to the majority once again. Plus, chances are that at one time or another everyone will have something they enjoy being the popular demand. Despite this resolution, one question still remains. Why don't people get bored of things already said?
                                Say a beloved book is quoted by millions time and time again. It is spoken so much it even becomes almost a cliché. Adults use it to express how they feel, teenagers use it in school essays to convey a theme, kids say it to feel more cultured and grown-up. Although this quote has become an "eye-roll worthy" thing to recite, people still do it. Why? Because every time this quote is brought up in the hands of a new speaker, the sunlight shines on it in a different way. In other words, a certain genre can remain popular for generation because every time an author uses it, they display it in a different way. This is what society has presented to people to allow them to enjoy a certain something for years without becoming bored of it. And although some trends die out in a mere decade, others live on because of this and are shared for ages.