Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Technology and Education: They Make A Good Pair

As times trudges on, so do many aspects of society. But one very broad aspect, that I think is obviously advancing as society grows, is technology. As new technology is made, sold, and used, it changes our way of life. And though there can be negative ways that new technology affects parts of society, the way technology is impacting, and can impact, education is definitely a positive affect.
                                   A few days ago I experienced a Skype video chat for a project in school. I enjoyed doing so because the way it took place was a new educational way to function this software to me. For those of you who do not know what a Skype is, it's basically a global video chat where you can visually communicate with someone else while hearing them. The name "Skype" came from the two words, "Sky" and "Peer",  representing how you can communicate with anyone anywhere. Although, to take part in a Skype you must first install a certain software into your computer, and have a camera also connected to your computer. This is exceptionally helpful when trying to keep long distance face-to-face communication with someone.
                                           On the other hand, though, the particular Skype  video chat that I took part in, was where we communicated with superintendents from another school district. Some of the other classmates and I who participated in the Skype made sure to dress in our best clothing and be very quiet while our classmates were speaking, because it was very important to make a good impression on them. But, In this Skype session there was a catch! The location of the superintendents remained a mystery until the end, so we had to use our minds (I loved this part) to think about geographical questions that we could track down and record to help piece their overall location together. While participating in the activity, I realized you needed a lot of knowledge on geography to back you up on your thoughts and questions. Even at times, you caught yourself thinking about certain pin-points of geography when you didn't mean to.
                                                            But that was the point of the mystery Skype that I did, to learn something new. Just as it is in every activity at school. We all learned from it. For, one simple question, one simple Skype, one new way to use technology in school, can teach you a whole lot.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


                                      Think.......everyday you are on this earth you will think thoughts in your head. You will think when you are sleeping and dream up a fraction of the most intelligent things that will ever come to mind. For when we are thinkers, we do not stop when the sun sets, we just keep on thinking. Do you remember any dream you thought was utterly brilliant? Dreams are astonishing because the are less controlled then regular daytime thoughts, making the contents of a dream completely unpredictable.
                                                                During the day you will also interact with other thinkers, absorb more ideas, and think even more new thoughts that you might not even claim to be your own. You see, other people have brains just like you, and each idea is amazing in it's own way. Have you ever thought of someone else's idea to be so genius that you must keep it locked up in a safe in your head that you will only open if you completely need to share? Did you ever say to someone "That idea of yours is genius"?
                                                            Well, also things may just pop up in your head at the random-est times and you can't help if a smile of success curves on your face because your thought to you is worth one million dollars. A million dollar idea like that must be shared, so share it. Other people might find it to be just as brilliant as you. Has someone else ever loved your thought just as much as you?
                                                       Thoughts, idea's and dreams are wonderful and never limited. And possibly one day, a simple thought like that will shape your future and carve your destiny.

The Entire World in My Classroom

On Thursday, October 31st I went to school with a flutter of excitement twirling around my brain. Not only was it Halloween but I was also aware that at 1:20 in my Social Studies class we would be having a marvelous journey into our classmates culture and customs. As I was walking down the hall, my mind wandered to what the day's activities had in store for me. I myself was expecting my grandparents to come in to help me present to the class information on my Polish heritage and treat them with some Kielbasa, which is a traditional Polish sausage. When I arrived at the classroom I was greeted by an arrangement of colors and smells. Each particular smell belonged to a delicious looking meal, that frankly I mostly had never seen before. The majority of my classmates had brought in some of their cultural delicacies for a better understanding of the country the lead back to, as did I. Each who had prepared a dish also had either artifacts from their culture, traditional apparel, or a prepared and written speech full of information.
                                                               I of which had brought in certain artifacts that I received from a neighbor who had actually come from Poland. I think these items helped overall some up what I had to say. I also had brought in a Polish book my great-grandmother had sent me that was completely written in Polish. It was entitled "Elementarz" and I was thinking to myself how cool it would be to show the class. For it means Primer in English, representing an easy level book or a "first read" as some might call it. But of course It was not an easy book for me because I do not speak Polish, even though I am Polish.
                                                                      When the presenting started I stood up next to my grandparents and told the class about my Polish background. I made sure to specify about the certain Polish traditions my family celebrate's. I also spoke about a boat that my grandparents had once owned named Rodzina, which means family in Polish.
                                                    After I had presented and gave my information it was time for me to listen and enjoy the learning of other people's culture's. The first thing I learned was in the country across the sea, Ukraine. The couple presenter's from that country spoke one at a time about traditional dance outfits and pisanki eggs, a very decorative cultural Easter tradition. Plus, when Ukraine was rapping up, the class enjoyed some homemade cheese perogies, stuffed cabbage, and poppy seed filled pastries. I also experienced the telling of Ireland's household culture and was treated to a delicious Irish Soda bread.
                                                                     It was a very educational day in the case of discovering were everyone in the class came from. I had no idea that the entire world was in my classroom.