Friday, April 24, 2015

Think 2.0

Today I will be reflecting on the past. I will be thinking about what I once thought, and describing it's difference to what I now know to be true.
                                                         Think. A blog post I wrote in what seems to be forever ago, I will today be reflecting on and editing. If you have not read Think I recommend you sift through the archives of my writings and do so, or click here, to make the comparison for yourself. But the choice to do so or not is yours. All my comments on the writing will be in red text, but the editing I have done will all blend in with the parts that remain from the original. I strongly stand by the fact that you should not hang on to the past, and move with the present, but I also believe it is beneficial to reminisce and remind yourself of what you once were. So without further ado, I present my new and improved blog post, Think 2.0

every single second you live on this planet, (I changed it so it was more emphasized there.)
you will think thoughts in your head and make choices about life. You will even find yourself thinking when fast asleep and frolicking in dreamland, thinking up a fraction of the most intelligent things that will ever come to  your mind.  ( I believe dreams are very important to sanity, not to mention very entertaining to our minds.)
For, we are all thinkers, ( all human beings, and animals if you count instincts as thoughts.)
we do not stop when the sun sets, we just keep on thinking. It is our destiny. Do you remember any dream you had, and you woke up breathing heavy, inspired because of your minds utter brilliancy? That is the magic about dreams, they are astonishing because you can't always control them like regular daytime thoughts, (you are less aware when you're dreaming and your mind runs wild, that's why I love dreams) 
making the contents of a dream completely unpredictable and unimaginable. Think about this next time you get into bed, and fall into the beautiful unknown abyss of dreams.
                                                                During the day  interacting with other thinkers is practically inevitable, ( people are everywhere)
and absorbing more ideas, and thinking even more new thoughts that you might not even claim to be your own is unavoidable. You see, other people have brilliant brains just like you, ( I think everyone is genius in their own way)
and each idea is amazing in it's own way. Have you ever thought of someone else's idea to be so genius that you must keep it locked up in a safe in your head that you will only open if you completely need to share? Did you ever say to someone "That idea of yours is genius"? ( If you did, I'm sure that made them feel really good)
                                                            One other amazing thing about thoughts is that one may just pop up in your head at the most random of times and you can't help it that a wide smile of success curves on your face because your thought to you is worth one million dollars ( Be confident in your mind!) . A million dollar idea like that must be shared, so share it. Other people might find your ideas to be just as brilliant as you do. Has someone else ever loved your thought just as much as you?
                                                       Thoughts, idea's and dreams are wonderful and never limited. And possibly one day, a simple thought like that will shape your future and carve your destiny.