Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Sentence You Are by Ally Poulter

Author's note: In school we are exploring poetry and our inner poets. This is a poem I wrote about how I want the world to remember me, I hope you enjoy it! Poetry hasn't ever really been a strong writing style for me, but I did my best!

Life is a blank canvas,
an empty page,
a solemn face,
until you make something of it.
Until you light the torch
and spark creativity
and imagination.
Until you ignite your dreams,
and watch them blossom and grow into something much larger.
Life is like a book,
and you are a sentence.
You have the power
to be a very meaningful sentence in that book.
To be a sentence
that touches someone’s heart,
that makes an impact on that book.
You have the power
to inspire
and direct what you have to say,
what you mean,
and what you want to represent
in that book.
In life.
You have the power
to make an impact
on people.
Even if it’s only one person,
out of Seven billion humans in this world.

I want to make an impact.
That is my dream,
that is the torch I want to ignite.
I want to be remembered as a meaningful sentence,
A sentence, with words that mattered to people
words that mattered to someone.
I want my page to be marked in that book
So people will never forget
my sentence
and the words I have to say.
That is my dream.
That is my hope for the future.
That is who I hope to be.