Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Writers Block In The Road

                            Writers block is the feeling you get when you know you must think, but you cannot. Wait-what?, are the words being broadcast through you're mind, It's time to think? Oh-I'm not ready! Where have my thoughts gone? When I get writers block I can relate it to a two hour delay from school, because of excessive rain and flooding. It seems like the time is coming to think, but you don't know which way to go to be on time. This happened to me once, and I was worried because of all the rainwater blocking some important roads, like the roads in your mind, chaos erupts when they become blocked. Do you get what I'm saying? It's a complicated and frustrating experience that leave's you in a flustered state where you may get rushed into an idea you are not satisfied with the results forced out of you. But that is writer's block, and it is difficult to avoid. This can be different for everyone. But it is certain that with a every path to glory, there are some blocks in the road. No body is perfect, an the loss of an idea strongly supports that. With every brilliant mind, there are always going to be doubts, and when an idea just doesn't come to satisfy you, you might find it extremely helpful to improvise.
                           I'm sure when you are stuck like this, your mind seems to plead for inspiration, something to get it going so well it won't be stuck like this for a long time. So the best thing you can do is to open your eyes, ask questions, and search for fresh appealing ideas. Try not to copy any body's original thought, but use it to shape your own that will ease your sudden loss of imagination.Every little ounce of imagination you take in will help fuel your inspiration and feed the hunger that writers block has caused you mind.
                            And no matter how difficult a block can be, inspiration will always help you out. Keep thinking, keep imagining, and never forget to inspire others!