Saturday, August 27, 2016

The "Behind-The-Scenes" of Getting Things Done

                     Getting things done. Or better put, finding yourself the motivation and time to complete something. It can be quite difficult to do. Can it be agreed upon that the motivation part is essential but simple when compared to the time aspect? It's a commonly passed around piece of wisdom that people tend to discover one way or another in their lifetime. And that wisdom is that goal-making is so much easier to accomplish than the goal itself. Achieving goals, on the other hand, takes work... and time. Because of the time aspect, and the many of the closely related discouraging aspects, a good amount of dreams remain just that, dreams.

                       So, time. Something we as humans seem to have less and less of as we continue our trek into the future. Something that is slowly being recognized as something taken for granite. Why is that? It can be said that it is partly due to the busy lifestyle society has adopted in this modern age. More hours spent doing renovations to humankind and the hours spent for other things shrink. People also tend to only find interest in things that produce immediate benefits over something that will have a better result, but will take longer.

                    But maybe it doesn't have to do with time at all. Yes, the lack of time doesn't have to do with time. Crazy, isn't it? Despite how ridiculous that proposition is, give the explanation a chance. Time can be defined as the continued progress of existence, and doesn't quite have much to do with how it's spent. Also due to the progression of modern society so suddenly, activities that would help accomplish goals may be looked upon lazily and shoved to the bottom of one's priority list. We see what needs to be done, what we want to be done, and what we don't exactly want to do but it is necessary to do if we want to get something out of it. And as sad as it is that final item comes last for most people. That is why people can say, "I just don't have the time", because they see their time and decide to dedicate it to something that they have to do or want to do based on how quickly they produce success. Things like long-term goals and dreams are difficult to work on when all of these other tasks that appeal more hog up everyone's priority list.

                    People in this world have needs and wants. Sometimes to get to a specific 'want' they must first accomplish something that doesn't fall into either of those category's. The need to do it or else they can't get that long-term want, but they don't need to do it to survive. They also might not exactly want to do it either; therefore, it's so simple to just dedicate our time to something else, pushing our goal farther and farther away from us. It's sad. But it can be changed.

                    When making a goal, or working towards one for that matter, keep in mind the necessary steps needed to achieve the goal. If you are aware of the work you need to put in, and you keep the goal in your view, putting those goal-achieving steps last on the priority list seems harder to do. That's because you have the motivation, and the motivation to make the time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer's Apples and Hands

Summer days
are like apples
you have many different varieties
and colors
maybe a whole week might be a granny smith week
or a red delicious week
two or three days dedicated to gala
or maybe each day is something different.
more days
drift hazily by
than you think
before you blink
they're floating away
like the fluffy white  clouds on a windy day
and you're left
wishing they still remained
confused about why last summer seemed longer
you could wake up and feel exhausted
the heat stealing your hard earned energy
or you could rise with a tank full enough to drive you anywhere you'd dream
the beach
the mountains
the parties
the open road
a hotel
a cabin
a rest stop
any direction the day flows
you might as well flow along with it
because you will only have this river for a short amount of time

The nights of summer
are different though
nights are always short
and these seem longer
the light of sun seems to hold on
as tightly as it can to the cool night air
until it slips away
and all you can see is the stars
warming yourself by the campfire
an imprint of the day left on your cheeks
or shoulders
you smell of sunscreen and bug spray
but it's a good smell
will the night be cool?
enough for a sleeping bag to wrap you up and protect you?
or will the darkness stick to your skin and make your breathing heavy?
Summer nights are not apples
they are like hands holding you until morning comes
covering the sky with diamonds
and allowing you to see them
then telling you to look no longer as they pull the sleepy sun from it's hiding place on the horizon