Monday, January 19, 2015

A Smile is Worth A Million Dollars

                  Why, pleasure is the simplest thing in life- well, it at least it makes life feel simple. It makes the days feel worthy of enjoyment and taunts you to smile a the little things. That's why pleasure and happiness are so appreciated by people. A good warm feeling is all people need to have their day brightened and life changed. But the things that make people happy are perhaps sometimes the things you would least expect....or the things you'd expect the most!
                    In the generalization of things, food, wealth, family, entertainment, and etc. is enough to make someone fundamentally happy in their life. But there is also another component to joy. Something that touches everyone's heart, and makes them feel completely wholesome- good deeds and compassion.

                             Giving to others has a special place in our hearts. Because it's not only giving us the gift of feeling good about what we've done and feeling proud of our deeds. But it's also giving someone else the opportunity to feel good as well and feel thankful for your kindness.
                               To put this in to simple terms, being kind is the deed that has been proven to feel most pleasureful. And that us, as humans, who find weird ways to feel happy, should take advantage of the fact that smiling at a neighbor will not only distribute happiness to one, but as many people who receive the smile.