Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unwrap Knowledge: Why Knowing is a Treat

                        Blogging is so amazing! I've been browsing the Internet and frequently checking out my classmates blogs and I think the whole blogging experience is wonderful. Although, 1 out of every three of them have a post explaining their blog title, and that is something I have not done yet. I read those posts with great interest because it's so interesting to have an insight in to people's opinions and why they came up with a certain name; what inspired them? Each reason is great: You should always be victorious, courage is encouraging, be nice to others, and many more marvelous reasons! And I've been thinking lately, "I should get around to doing my own post about my title". You see, they got me thinking and that is just so great!

The Treat Of Knowing
                         I remember the first day we started blogging in class. Everyone was coming up with some really great titles and ideas were being thrown around simultaneously. Stuff like, "Be Great!" and "Reach your dreams!". All good stuff, but I wanted something completely original. Something so foreign it would of never been taken on that particular perspective if it wasn't for my blog. It took me awhile, possible and inspirational titles flashed in and out of my mind vigorously, "What would I be known by?"
                             Then suddenly I had it, "The treat of knowing". A perfect title describing me and what I wanted to do with the world. Teach people that knowing things, and learning is a treat and you are lucky to have it. Also to think, not quickly or on your feet or any particular thinking, but to just think. Thinking is never limited to a specific type. I liked the title even more when I discovered nobody had used the web address yet. That provided me with even more originality. I was satisfied  that I had my title.
                            "What's your title, Ally?" Someone had asked me, I smiled, "It's called 'The Treat Of Knowing'" I answered. "What's that mean?" I thought for a moment. I'm big on thinking, yet I haven't thought of the meaning of my title. "Well." I started, "I guess what it means is that learning, and wisdom is special and that we should savor it as a treat". All I remember is them nodding and taking it in. I may not always make sense to everyone, but to someone my title may mean a lot.

I guess what I mean is....
                      Knowledge is most definitely a treat. Not every body gets to go to school everyday and learn something new, so we should absorb our knowledge and spread it as best you can. Every sentence, every word, every detail should be presented in your mind as a treat because, simply, knowing is a treat.