Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fear and Confidence

                        I feel this is going to be a big year for me. A number of new experiences are practically screaming out my name and I'm responding as quick as I can. All these opportunities to try new things, all these opportunities to be great. It seems the world is smiling down on me and pushing me faster and faster to see how fast I can go. And I'm running really hard to keep up. Even though, i'm probably confusing you with all of the metaphors i'm using, I hope the message i'm trying to convey is shining through clearly. What I really mean is, despite all the opportunities to be great coming so fast, and despite the fact that I'm not the
 most perfect human being, I am running with all the occasions using all the excitement I can. These chances shine a new light on my life and I will stare right into it, avoiding all the shadows that block me from reaching my goals and dreams.

                      I try to always think positive, I don't always succeed at that, but I'm sure trying to think positive will help goals become clearer and brighter on your path to reaching them. One thing my dad told me about thinking positive is when you come up with a positive thought, don't even think about anything negative, completely obliterate all negative thoughts even if your are telling yourself "What not to do". It just doesn't help.  I agree. I believe when your trying to reach your goals you need to always be a big supporter of yourself. Cheer yourself on. It's almost always going to be more difficult to achieve something when your the one working against yourself. Give yourself some complements, boost yourself up.
                       What I'm really trying to say  is that to reach a personal goal, you need to give yourself some well deserved confidence. Nothing knocks down those degrading obstacles better than the firm trust you have within yourself. Fear may stand in your path, but if you look inside and find the support you need to keep going, accomplishment of the task at hand will be achieved almost effortlessly. A quite popular and widely known phrase states "Feel the fear, but do it anyway". This applies to many aspects of life when you think about it. Fear can work hard to make you feel powerless, but if you just ignore the fear and realize all the confidence you need is right inside of you, then you can do anything you set your mind to.