Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Leaf

                   Families gather around the television. Games are scattered on the coffee table. Children hug blankets and rub sleepy eyes, yet do not sleep because their excitement must be met with something equally awe striking. Fireworks. Noise. Pots and pans ringing through the night. Why do we do this on New Year's Eve? Because it's a cultural tradition that people enjoy celebrating.
                   But why do people enjoy celebrating it? That's the question. I think it's a personal matter. Not only is an experience of a loud, bright celebration with family and loved ones exhilarating, but people are able to relax knowing that there is a whole brand new, shiny year ahead of them. A blank canvas ready for their beautiful paintings. A brand new book, prepared for it's first reader. People are excited for December thirty-first, and January first because, as they say, it's an opportunity to "turn over a new leaf". They can put everything in the past year behind them and are able to look into the future with a clear view of their goals.
                   You can rethink your ambitions any time, any day of the year. The new year, though, is dishing you a steaming plate of starting anew. When 2015 becomes 2016, it's like the year ended the last chapter of your life, and started a brand new one. It's almost convenient for people to make resolutions during this time.
Image result for new years resolutions                   People enjoy celebrating the new year, and making resolutions because when the clock strikes 12:01 you are inspired by nature and the rest of humankind to be your best self for the coming year ahead, and inspire others to do the same. Everybody is on board with their personal improvements, so it seems like the perfect opportunity to do so yourself. We are all inspired by each other to inspire others. It's a bit like a case of mass hysteria if you think about it, but aren't all holidays? We celebrate and take part in weird traditions because everyone else is doing so and you feel obligated and inspired to do so as well.
Image result for happy new year
                   The new year is such a big deal because we can better improve ourselves, inspire others, and in doing so we're anything but alone. Everybody is by your side when you're setting a goal to achieve, and having a bunch of people back you up when you're taking a leap of faith makes it a lot less scary. We are all in this together, so with that I bid you a happy New Year.