Monday, October 20, 2014

A Return, and Legacy matters.

     I offer my apologies. And my thanks to apologize for a reason. I have not written in quite awhile, yet I have the feeling that it has been noticed. Even though I might have disappointed someone with such an expanded amount of time and no writing or response, I'm thankful that possibly someone could be waiting for me to post again. So, I am sorry about the silence, but thank you very much for the commitment and dedication.
    This time, it was not that I was at a loss for ideas, or that writers block had hunted me down once more......but It was the sad but honest truth about life, sometimes you just can't get things done that you want to get done. Believe me, there have been plenty of moments when I think of something and then immediately afterward think, that would make a good blog post. But reflecting on this, and don't think lesser of me, I never took to action and turned those thoughts into words. I have written pre-blog posts still in the making, but they are utterly mixed up and I do not feel as if my words were as together as they could have been. Therefore, they sadly never made it to publish. I plan to work on some in the near future though, and await the anticipation from myself and possibly others. Be that as it may, I return back to the topic of not being able to complete a post. You see, this is only the case because lately, I have been reading quite a bit and write here and there for school and for enjoyment, but not as much as I've been reading. I would be happy to suggest some books I've read if you desire a recommendation. I've read some pretty fantastic books over the past five months that I'd be happy to put out there. I like to explore author's ideas and writing styles, it's a enjoyable way to learn, reading is. So there, I had distributed my excuses. I hope they are worthy enough, but I really do know I should have written a post at least before now. But sadly, the past can not be undone, so this will be the first post in a few months.
       As I said before, I have had thoughts where I want to share them with the public and describe my ideas, but I never got to doing that. Well, I had written something down on a good old piece a paper that I was hoping to share. We reviewed legacy last year and social studies and it really stuck with me. When I wanted to write, this is what came to mind. I hope my explanation on why I didn't post in awhile didn't bore you to death, but if it did, maybe this might revive you and enlighten your concentration. Here is what I wrote on 9/11

Legacy lives on. What you say, what you do, will be forever remembered if you impact someones life. 
Making a difference means something of the world. Even if only one person is inspired by you, even if you are only loved by few, you are immortal, Impenetrable by time, memory and love retells your story over and over again. Death cannot stop anyone with the power of legacy and inspiration, for their life replays in someones heart and mind. Remember the lost,  bring their story to life. And never forget. Legacy lives on.

Thank you for reading this
Remember, knowing is a treat,